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  • Small, Medium or Large?

    I like to try and keep everyone happy when it comes to my jewelry creations and I try to offer something for everyone. Very much like Goldilocks and her experiences in the house of the Bears….some like things hot, some like them cold and only every now and again do we find something that is […]

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  • How to measure your ring size at home!

    Since I offer to custom make almost all of my rings in any US ring size needed I’ve been asked many, many times if I can tell customers how to figure out their ring size.  The most accurate way is to go to a jewelry store and simply ask to be sized.  However if you’re like […]

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  • Confetti Chrysocolla

    Last night I was contacted by a fellow who lives and works out on the West Coast- he and his mining partner own two claims together and he not only goes out and mines his own material in the rough but also is a lapidary expert and cuts/polishes all of his own materials. His wife […]

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  • Fun with Semi Precious Beads!

    It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged!  I’ve been putting in time working on technique and I’ve found and purchased some really pretty semi precious stone beads to work with!  I usually work with cabochons- or stones with out holes in them but I thought I’d switch things up and try something different.  I […]

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  • Antique .925 Sterling Silver Spoon Ring

    A while back I became mildly obsessed with the idea of creating an antique spoon ring- I love the idea of them, the story of how they originally came to be and just generally how lovely they are.  So I started collecting supplies and scouring the internet for tutorials and eventually, bam! With a little […]

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  • Amazonite Ring in Sterling

    What can I say about this ring?  It’s generally the same style as the others I’ve been posting lately but this Amazonite cabochon is just SO gorgeous I couldn’t help posting a blog about it.  This ring is Sterling Silver and it was a commission so I’m happy to say it’s already got a home […]

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